Welcome to The village is on the road Vetlanda - Värne - Eksjö Make a detour off the beaten track and drive out on the winding but paved trail through the Småland countryside Along the way there are several run stones, tombs and Mellby's fine medieval church
In Fageräng there are activities for everyone. Do you like to look for old things
you should visit the flea market and the agricultural museum if you want to know
what the tools and tools looked like in the past. The village consists of six houses with about ten people.
There are also cats, dogs, horses, sheep, goats and the donkey Isaac.

Welcome to Loppisladan in Fageräng. Here are some that you will not find in another flea market. Of course there are glass, porcelain and ceramics, books, magazines, 33, 45 and 78 shipyards and CDs. Otherwise, there would be no flea ice cream.
What a wonderful place. Have there been very good-to-have stuff, said one customer.
This year's news is that you can go from "Gubbloppisen" to the furniture department, which is now even bigger. There you will also find paintings and lamps.
When the sign is lit in the small door at the garage (OPEN) and it is OPEN at the parking lot, you are welcome to come in the cool barn.
Stop if no one is here then more will come. Someone must be first.
You can now park your motorhome between 18.00 and 12.00. There is access to electricity and drinking water Utedass is available.